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Unmet Needs
Veteran Impact Program

Your gift will help Beacon House assist veterans and veteran families by meeting the needs that are not met by our grant funded programs. This fund will help both veterans living with Beacon House and those living throughout Long Island; with a focus on homeless prevention and housing stabilization. We will provide assistance with transportation, moving expenses when transitioning to permanent housing, nutritional assistance, educational assistance, job training assistance, car registration, legal fees, rental arrears, utility arrears, holiday assistance and funerals.

Living Well
Supportive housing to advance veteran’s independence

This fund supports the development and implementation of our supportive housing programs, where our residents find a respite and the support they need to regain their independence. Living Well increases housing stability with a focus on wellness and preparation for living independently. Your gift will ensure Beacon House can continue to provide a safe and healthy, supportive living environment. This fund supports our homes’ maintenance, improvement, and beautification; it offers daily living needs and nutritional assistance and educational and entertainment programming.

General Fund:

Your gift will help us develop education and support while providing information and other programs to assist veterans, non veteran women, men and families facing homelessness, and general administrative costs.

If you would rather donate by mail, please use the address below.

United Veterans Beacon House
1715 Union Blvd.
Bay Shore, NY 11706
(631) 665-1571

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