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This is Beacon House’s first collaboration with Long Island’s business community for the Restoring Homes Restoring Hope initiative, which will see 12 veterans group homes restored throughout Long Island.

Many gathered with us for the happy occasion; we were delighted to have Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman, NYS Senator Phil Boyle, NYS Assemblyman John Mikulin, Nassau County Police, Levittown Volunteer Fire Department, members of the UVBH board of directors and supporters, all in attendance.

The sun shone brightly through clear blue skies as Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman welcomed everyone. Mr. Blakeman spoke of the decades of service to veterans by Beacon House, and congratulated Harry and Kamljit Singh on their outstanding work to remodel the veterans’ home.

Our president and CEO, Frank Amalfitano, expressed his deepest gratitude to the Singh Family, and shared how their gift of a newly remodeled home for veterans will have a lasting impact on the quality of life for these six veterans.

Frank then called on Long Island’s business community to find out more about the Restoring Homes Restoring Hope initiative, so that they too may share in the joy of helping those who have done so much for our nation.

Harry Singh of the Bolla Charity Foundation delivered stirring remarks, sharing his passion for aiding our veterans and first responders. Harry’s sincerity was palpable, and those in attendance listened in rapt attention as he shared his insights on the meaning of selfless service, embodied in the veterans that will call this residence “home”.

Following brief comments by Senator Boyle and Assemblyman Mikulin, the event concluded with the cutting of the ribbon and a tour of the home. All departed with smiling faces, content that this residence will be the first of 12 to provide a dignified home to those who’ve given so much.